BABS was a nine-piece illustration collective, created whilst at university and ‘Error 404’ was our debut exhibition, hosted at Bene Culture.

As young illustrators, we feel the need to produce work consistently, to keep up with the algorithm and pressure of social media, Error 404 visualises this concept with a pop-up exhibition. The exhibition featured individual illustrations created by each member of the collective. The designs were printed as A3 copies on UV paper and were used to cover the entire space. The idea was that people were able to come and take a print home.

All the illustrations were created based on the theme of algorithms and digital culture. My designs were inspired by the idea of social media 'likes' and our need for online engagement.



Instagram Love

An illustration created as part of a zine that was sold at the exhibition. 


An animation that was designed to be projected on a wall throughout the night. The animation showcases each individual piece of work.

‘ERROR 404’

An animated GIF I created, that was used for the BABS Instagram page in order to promote the exhibition night.